Customized Research-Peptides for Life Science Study

This is a collection of all the research level peptides that may be used in life science study. At present, peptide research mainly focuses on peptide drugs, peptide vaccines, anti-tumor peptides, antiviral peptides, peptide targeting drugs,antimicrobial peptides, cardiovascular related peptides and diagnostic peptides so on.Omizzur provides a wide range of related peptide products of the above types.

At present, the problem of peptide drug research is mainly focused on the stability of peptide. The stability of polypeptide chain can be improved by site directed mutagenesis of genetic engineering, group modification of polypeptide and the use of additives. Omizzur provides more than 300 kinds of chemical modification of polypeptide chain, including peptide cyclization, PEG modification, protein coupling, etc.

The research level peptide varieties provided by omizur include but are not limited to the following varieties. If you have any special needs, please contact our sales staff to get the latest product catalog and relevant quotation.