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Leading peptide manufacturer : Omizzur

Omizzur, headquartered in Kowloon HongKong, is a peptide manufacturer with advanced peptide synthesis technology providing custom peptide service,protected amino acids,antibody and a broad range of high quality peptide reagents for use by biomedical research institutions.

Founded in 2010, Omizzur is a globally recognized peptide manufacture committing to quality and service. Set up three manufacturing bases of peptide and two aggressive R&D centers and over 350 peptide scientists to achieve this commitment .Over the past 10 years, Omizzur has accumulated a large number of technical skills and won numbers of national major scientific and technological achievements.The variety of peptide reagents cover the research, production for all peptide synthesis stages .Omizzur has the capacity to service universities,academia, biomedical research Institute for worldwide with quality guaranteed peptide .

Omizzur Biotech: A Leading Peptide Manufacture in Asia

A Professional and United Team

Omizzur currently has more than 1000 employees globally, 30% of whom hold Ph.D.  and/or master's degrees and some of them have studied abroad for years. 40% have bachelor degrees specialized in organic chemistry,pharmaceutical chemistry with strong biotech industry background.We believe knowledge is the primary productive power in the new century.

Over 10 Years Peptide Synthesis Experience

Omizzur ’s peptides are synthesized in modern, automatic synthesizers using advanced solid phase /liquid-phase /microwave synthesis techniques base on different peptide requirement.Our  services not only provide a wide range of peptide with high purity ,but also you can get expert advice on the drug screening, peptide design and optimisation from our peptide technologist ,which may inspire you about research .

Advanced Equipment and Strong Productivity

Omizzur established a high standard synthetic laboratory, GMP workshop, professional quality inspection center and packaging center. Omizzur is equipped with advanced production and testing equipment of company. Machines include automatic soild phase/microwave peptide synthesizer from CEM,ABI. UPLC/LC-MSMS from Waters,LC-MS from Shimadzu etc.On this basis, Omizzur can detect the purity of peptide products with high precision, identify molecular weight and secondary structure which also lead to Omizzur manufacture peptide from milligram scale up to annual kilograms for full capacity.

Omizzur Quality Control

We have upgraded to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and continuously improve peptide services and products.This strict quality management system supervises that our services and products can meet or exceed our peptide manufacturing standards.

OMIZZUTM Peptide Synthesis Platform

Omizzur self-developed peptide synthesis platform has the following significant advantages:

1.Long peptide synthesis:The combination of fragment synthesis,microwave synthesis and hydrazide chemical method makes it possible for the peptide length to reach 200.

2.Peptide library customization: custom peptide library is the biggest feature of our peptide platform.Here you have nearly ten options for different research purpose and the peptide length can be up to 30aa.

3.Special peptide synthesis:Omizzur accumulate a wealth of technology in the synthesis of special peptides:cell penetrating peptides(CPPS),antimicrobial peptides,stapled peptide,antigen peptide.

 What does Omizzur product contain?

Peptide product:Custom peptides | GMP peptide | Cosmetic peptide| Amino acids & peptide reagents

Test report:We provide HPLC, MS and COA reports of peptides and we responsible for our analysis report.Other testing services can also be provided.(View all our peptide testing services)
Cryogenic box transportation:Fast and low temperature transportation is realized through the  international DHL and FedEx which 5-7 days for worldwide.

Peptide expert advice:Our peptide experts have accumulated rich experience in organic synthesis ,They can guide you and even may inspire you a lot.

 Other things you might concern

1.Peptide Pricing

For customized peptide demand, please click peptide order information to check the price. For other peptide products, you can directly contact our customer service staff. Discounts for large quantities.

2.Return & Refund Assurance

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you have any questions after receiving the product,and submit the relevant quality inspection report if possible,We will communicate with customers and give discount or replacement / refund once confirmed.

Every Omizzur service staff has received professional training and they will do their best to help you complete your project.


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4.Privacy Policy

Omizzur follow stringent customer privacy policy.Confidential agreement will be signed once order confirmation.

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