Omizzur focus on the wholesale of amino acid derivatives

Omizzur Biotech is a Amino acid & Peptides manufacturer engaged in custom peptide manufacture, custom peptide library synthesis, protected amino acids , peptide synthesis reagents in China Asia.

Production & Wholesale of Amino Acids Derivatives

In addition to customized peptide synthesis services, Omizzur 's well-known products also include a wide range of amino acid derivatives, as well as high-purity peptide synthesis reagents (protected amino acids, peptide coupling agents, linking agents, etc.), occupying 30% sharing of the international market .


As a further extension of the Omizzur 's business, we successfully acquired an antibody company in early 2015, becoming one of the few companies in Hong Kong that has actual antibody production capabilities. The antibody business has since joined the company's rapid development. At the beginning of 2017, Omizzur company successfully acquired overseas famous peptide companies, which greatly improved the Omizzur 's overall technical strength, and also enabled the company's actual sales and service network to cover major countries and regions around the world.

Wholesale Product Catalogue

●  Amino acid derivatives                                      ●  Unnatural amino acids                                      N-Methyl amino acids

●  Fmoc amino acids                                             ●  Peptide coupling reagents                                Cosmetic peptides

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