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Peptides are used as carriers tools in the organism to transport the nutrients that people usually eat to various parts of the body, and give full play to the functions of nutrients. Peptides act as neurotransmitters in organisms to transmit information. It have strong activity and diversity, which can comprehensively regulate human physiological functions and enhance human physiological activities. Peptides also have special biological functions: They can prevent thrombosis, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, delay aging, resist fatigue, improve body immunity, and promote the body's ability to protein, vitamins, and amino acids.

Custom research peptides synthesis play an important role in the antitumor peptide discovery,peptide targeted drugs,peptide vaccine development,antiviral peptide research ,cosmetic peptides and so on.

Omizzur 's front-line personnel directly engaged in peptide synthesis has increased to 350, and a peptide purification team composed of more than 250 people has been established. Omizzur Biotech monthly output of purified peptides has reached 10000,most of which can be delivered within two weeks.

Our peptide service include synthesis of common peptide,drug peptide(APIs),cell penetrating peptides (CPPs),stapled peptide etc,and a wide range of peptide QC services:

Do you know the current main directions of research on peptides?

Antitumor drug

Anti-tumor peptides have always been a hot spot in the field of anti-tumor drugs.Compared with chemical drugs and protein macromolecular drugs, peptide drugs have low toxicity, clear targeting specificity, and small molecular weight. They can be used as targeted anti-tumor drugs in the process of tumor treatment, or as peptide nano carriers, with chemical anticancer drugs to reach the corresponding parts to quickly destroy cancer cells.

Peptide vaccine

Like nucleic acid vaccines, peptide vaccines are currently one of the research directions that have attracted much attention in the field of vaccine research. Synthetic peptide vaccine is a protective peptide vaccine similar to natural epitope produced by chemically synthesized epitope amino acid sequence method. This kind of vaccine does not contain nucleic acid and is the most ideal safe new vaccine. It is also one of the main directions for the development of new vaccines for the prevention and control of infectious diseases and malignant tumors.

Antiviral peptide

It usually goes through multiple stages such as adsorption (host cell), penetration, uncoating, nucleic acid replication, transcription & translation, and packaging after virus infection,Preventing any of the above processes can prevent virus replication, and the most effective antiviral drugs act on the two stages of virus adsorption and nucleic acid replication. Therefore, the screening of antiviral drugs mainly investigates the antiviral adsorption and replication capabilities of drugs.Therefore, peptides that bind to host cell receptors or peptides that bind to active sites such as viral proteases can be screened from the peptide library for antiviral therapy.

Peptide targeted drugs

Traditional anti-cancer drugs circulate through the blood in the process of tumor treatment. Chemical drugs spread in the body and are distributed in various organs of the body. They not only act on tumors, but also on healthy tissues and organs. Therefore, a large dose is required to achieve expectations and then caused great toxic side effects.

The emergence of peptide-targeted technology has solved this problem in drug development. Using this program can improve the efficacy of the original drugs, and also can develop new drugs.

Antibacterial active peptide -Breaks this cycle of life !

When insects are infected by microorganisms or other foreign substances, the hemolymph will produce a considerable amount of antibacterial proteins or peptides. These peptides are mainly synthesized by the fat body and secreted into the hemolymph, which is a very effective defense Mechanism used to quickly kill or remove foreign microorganisms. Active peptides play a key role in the process of human growth and development, metabolism, disease, aging and death. Active peptides are the most important active substances in the human body. It is precisely because of the increase or decrease of its secretion in the body that humans have a cycle of infancy, childhood, adulthood, old age and death. And taking active peptides breaks this cycle of life, and achieve the magical effect of prolonging life and effectively slowing down aging

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