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OMIZZUR LTD is an integrated specialty peptide company powered by a robust custom peptide synthesis services and a growing branded business as well as pharmaceutical intermediates, biosimilars markets. Omizzur provide peptide products & services to pharmaceutical companies, clinical research labs, universities etc. 


Omizzur Peptide Top Products:

1. Peptide synthesis & Impurity customization

2. Cosmetic peptides, Fmoc/Boc-amino acids

Omizzur Custom Peptide Synthesis FAQs

What is a Peptide?

Peptides.jpgPeptides are a class of compounds with a molecular structure between amino acids and proteins, which are formed by binding one or more amino acids through peptide bonds in a certain order. Peptides are structural fragments that constitute proteins, as well as active groups that play a role in proteins.

Studying the relationship between the structure and function of peptides is helpful to understand the efficacy of various amino acid series in peptides, so as to design peptides as short as possible in application while improving their physiological activity and reducing clinical adverse reactions. The application of peptides focuses on peptide drugs & drug carriers, tissue engineering materials, peptide nutritional foods.

What is Peptide Synthesis?

The synthesis of peptides can be divided into two main pathways: chemical synthesis and biosynthesis. Omizzur is engaged in chemical synthesis, mainly in the form of condensation between amino acids. The chemical synthesis of peptides can be divided into liquid / solid phase synthesis. 

Merrifield, a famous biochemist in the United States, proposed Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS), which involves connecting the C-terminal of amino acids to an insoluble resin, and then successively conducting the condensation of amino acids on this resin to extend the peptide chain. Solid phase synthesis methods can be divided into Boc method and Fmoc method. 

Custom peptide synthesis : according to the peptide sequence required by clients, Omizzur synthesizes high quality research-grade peptides on time. We need to know your product structure or sequence, the required quantity. In this process: we will sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure the privacy of your company.

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What is Peptide modification?


Peptide modification is mainly on the main chain structure and side chain groups of the peptide . The physical and chemical properties of peptide compounds can be changed through modification to optimize their effective utilization in vivo. Modified peptide drugs can significantly reduce immunogenicity, reduce toxic side effects, increase water solubility, prolong the action time in vivo, change the distribution in the body, and so on.

Common peptide modifications include: C-terminal / N-terminal modification, middle residue modification, cyclization modification, fluorescent labels, PEG, phosphorylation labeling, protein coupling,MAPs, D-amino acid, N-methylation modification, etc.

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How to Dissolve and Store Peptides ?

Dissolving the peptide is a very important step. Improper dissolution may result in peptide loss or experimental failure. The solubility of the peptide is mainly determined by the sequence of the peptide, so care should be taken when designing the peptide. It is recommended that 20% of the charged residues should be included in the peptide sequence to increase its solubility.

Dissolving peptides is usually a little test first, and do not dissolve all of them without determining a suitable solvent. Determining the charge of the peptide can help you choose the right solvent.

Peptide storage  : Peptides in the form of freeze-dried powder can be transported stably at room temperature after being sealed.

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What is Peptide Characterization?

Omizzur-peptide-synthesis (2).jpg1. Precise molecular weight determination

2. Primary sequence confirmation: sequence coverage/peptide mapping analysis, N-terminal and C-terminal sequence confirmation 

3. Confirmation of multiple modification sites

4. Glycosylation modification analysis: glycosylation site and glycoform analysis, oligosaccharide profile analysis

5. Disulfide bond analysis

6. Biosimilar drug analysis

7. Charge Heterogeneity Analysis

8. Peptide Mapping Analysis of Bioactive Extracts

9. Analysis of amino acid content

10. Drug target confirmation

How To Choose The Purity Levels of Peptide In Experiment?

The purity of the peptide is a very important indicator, and the choice of purity depends on the purpose of the experiment. For less sensitive screening experiments, it is recommended to use the crude product or >75%, and for the immune level, it is recommended to use >85%. 

For studies on the interaction of receptors with LIGAND, biological ASSAY studies, or studies at the cellular level, >95% is recommended, and for structural studies, 98% is recommended.

Omizzur does not recommend crude peptides for use in biological experiments. Crude peptides may contain significant amounts of non-peptide impurities such as residual organic solvents, scavengers, TFA, and other incomplete peptides. 

TFA cannot be completely eliminated and usually delivered peptides are in the form of TFA salts. If residual TFA interferes with your experiments, we recommend other salt forms such as acetate ,hydrochloride.

How To Check The Quality of Synthetic Peptides?

peptide-quality.jpgThe company keeps all materials provided by customers strictly confidential. Omizzur provides HPLC and MS test results free of charge when sending products. All peptides of the company are purified by reverse phase chromatography. Determine whether the product is correct by measuring the molecular weight of the peptide by mass spectrometry. 

MS test results can also show most of the main impurities. If necessary, net peptide content testing, such as amino acid analysis or elemental analysis, can also be provided. These methods can confirm the amino acid composition of peptides, and they can be used as supplementary methods for peptide confirmation. All delivered peptides are of the purity required by the customer.

Omizzur Custom Peptide Synthesis Case 

Omizzur custom peptide synthesis case-1.jpg

Exenatide  ImpuritiesQuantity: 200mg Purity: 95.30%   Salmon Calcitonin Impurities Quantity: 200mg Purity: 95.16%    Fmoc-Lys(Boc)-OH Quantity: 50kg Purity: 99.91%


Liraglutide API CAS: 204656-20-2 Purity: 95.68%                 Semaglutide API CAS: 910463-68-2  Purity: 99.50%                Fmoc-OSu CAS : 82911-69-1 Purity: 99.96%


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