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Omizzur is focus on peptide and providing services for life sciences research, drug discovery companies all of the world. Our team can quickly deliver peptide and reduce your R&D costs sametime.

Omizzur's custom peptide synthesis service offers:

1. Peptide synthesis and impurities.

2. Peptide API and cosmetic peptides.

3. Fmoc amino acids, peptide reagents and resins

Omizzur FAQs | Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

What is a Peptide?


Peptide is a molecular between amino acids and proteins. Its composed of amino acids in a certain order. Peptides also are fragments that constitute proteins, as well as active groups that play a role in proteins.

Studying the structure and function of peptides helps us understand how amino acid sequences affect their activity. It allows us to design shorter peptides that have better effects of peptides. The application of peptides focuses on peptide CDMO & drug carriers, cancer research and so on.

What is Peptide Synthesis?

There are 2 methods for peptide synthesis: chemical synthesis and bio-synthesis. Scientists divide the chemical synthesis of peptides into liquid and solid phase peptide synthesis. 

Merrifield, a well-known US biochemist, suggested a method called SPPS. This solid phase method involves connecting the end of amino acids to a solid resin. Then, we can add more amino acids to extend the length of the peptide. We divide solid phase synthesis methods into Boc and Fmoc method. 

Custom Peptide Synthesis: according to the peptide sequence required by clients, Omizzur synthesizes high quality research-peptides on time. We need to know your peptide chain sequence, quantity, purity needed. In this process: we will sign a agreement to ensure the privacy of your company.

Omizzur ltd is one of the state of the art custom peptide synthesis companies with success rate 95.0%. You can mail us for your demand of peptide production project.

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What is Peptide Modification?


Peptide modification is mainly on the main chain and side chain of the peptide. Modification of a peptide can change its physical and chemical properties to optimize its performance in the body.  This helps to "upgrade" the peptide. This is quite common in the field of peptide research.

We team can do these at the end or beginning, in the middle, or by adding labels on peptides. Examples include peptide PEG, protein coupling, disulfide bridge, using different types of amino acids.

>> Omizzur has over 300 modifications to choose from, Learn more about peptide modification

How to Dissolve and Store Peptides?

Dissolving the peptide is a very important step. The peptide's ability to dissolve depends on its sequence, so be care when about that. We recommend including 20% of the charged residues in the peptide sequence. Our team can help you evaluate it. 

Dissolving peptides is usually a little test first, and do not dissolve all of them without determining a suitable solvent. Determining the charge of the peptide can help you choose the right solvent. Freeze-dried powder peptides can stably transport at room temp.

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How To Choose The Purity Levels of Peptide?


The purity of custom peptide synthesis is important and depends on the experiment's purpose. For less sensitive tests, use the crude product or >75%. For immune level tests, use >85%. 

When studying how receptors interact with ligands, we recommend using a purity of over 95%. We recommend a purity of 98% for structural studies. 98% highest quality for structural studies.

Crude peptides may contain amounts of non-peptide impurities. If TFA interferes with your test, we recommend other salt forms such as acetate, HCL type. You can ask our customer services for advice on the purity of peptides. You will receive a response within 1 hour.

How To Check The Quality of Peptides?

Omizzur provides HPLC and MS test results free of charge when sending products. COA,MS,HPLC,NMR,IR,analysis data are available. MS test results can also show most of the main impurities of peptide. All delivered peptides are of the purity required by the customer.

If you have any questions about product quality, please contact our customer services, and our team will do our best to help you.

What are the R&D Directions for Synthetic Peptides?


CPPs are composed of usually no more than 30 amino acids that can directly enter the cell. They can successfully carry active things such as small molecule drugs, siRNAs into cells. We synthesize peptides very fast and high quality for R&D purpose.

2.Modified peptide - New form of peptide  

At present, most peptide products are injection form. improving the delivery method is the new R&D direction. 

Omizzur Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

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Exenatide  ImpuritiesQuantity: 200mg Purity: 95.30%   Salmon Calcitonin Impurities Quantity: 200mg Purity: 95.16%    Fmoc-Lys(Boc)-OH Quantity: 50kg Purity: 99.91%


Liraglutide API CAS: 204656-20-2 Purity: 95.68%                 Semaglutide Peptide CAS: 910463-68-2  Purity: 99.50%                Fmoc-OSu CAS : 82911-69-1 Purity: 99.96%



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Shipping all of the World

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Safe Orders

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ISO 9001

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24h Services Team

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