Cbz amino acids

Amino protecting groups can be divided into three categories: alkoxycarbonyl, acyl and alkyl. Alkoxycarbonyl group is the most widely used protecting group, because amino acids protected by alkoxycarbonyl group are not easy to be racemized in peptide synthesis. CBZ (benzyloxycarbonyl) belongs to alkoxycarbonyl group. Other commonly used alkoxycarbonyl amino protecting groups are Fmoc, Boc, alloc, etc

Advantages of CBZ (benzyloxycarbonyl) protecting group:

1. The preparation of reagents and the introduction of protecting groups are relatively easy.

2. The crystal of CBZ and peptide is stable.

3. The amino acids protected by CBZ are not easy to be racemized during activation.

4. It is easy to remove and can be selectively removed by a variety of mild methods.

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