Special Peptide Synthesis Services

There are many special structural peptides that may be used in biomedical research,By modifying the main chain structure and side chain groups of the peptide sequence, the physical and chemical properties of peptide compounds could be different, and the functionality of the peptide can be significantly changed : immunogenicity and toxic effects reduced, water solubility increased, metabolism function prolonged and drug concentration in the body redistributed.

Chemical modification is a common method in the functional research of peptide drugs and an important means of peptide sequence design. In current clinical applications, various functional peptide drugs obtained through chemical modification have shown their excellent performance. Omizzur provides the following special peptide synthesis:

Research of special structure peptide:

Antimicrobial Peptides (AMPs)

Its antibacterial mechanism is different from antibiotics, which is not easy to produce resistance.AMPs physically destroy the structure of the bacterial cell membrane, causing the bacterial content to exudate and apoptosis. Among many alternatives to antibiotics, AMPs are widely distributed, have broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, antiviral and immune enhancement, etc which attracting many attention from scholars.

Cell-Penetrating Peptides (CPPs)

CPPs were first discovered from the TAT protein of human HIV-I, which contains a special peptide region with the ability to penetrate membranes,(protein transduction domains (PTD), which is a soluble peptide of 13 amino acids. In recent years, the application of CPPs as molecular carriers for drug delivery systems has become more and more extensive. The fusion method can carry nucleic acids, proteins, small molecule compounds, MRI carriers, etc. into cells.

Neoantigen Peptides

Neoantigens are produced by somatic mutations in cancer cells and are not present in normal cells.So the immune system can recognize it as a "non-self" antigen.Studies in the past few years have shown that neoantigens play a key role in tumor immune treatment .The screening and identification of neoantigens has accelerated the development of individualized immunotherapy for cancer patients, which will eventually benefit more patients.

Cyclic Peptides

Cyclic peptides are natural defensive functional molecules of plants, mainly because cyclic peptides are widely expressed in the entire plant tissues and have the activity against nematodes, insects and molluscs. However, after the discovery of the abnormal stability of cyclic peptides, related research efforts have been increased for drug design or protein engineering. The application of cyclic peptides in pharmaceutical research can be divided according to whether the structure of the cyclic peptide is replaced or the degree of replacement. It can be roughly divided into natural cyclic peptides and point mutation cyclic peptides.

Stapled Peptides

The biggest disadvantage of protein drugs is that they cannot penetrate the cell membrane and therefore cannot target intracellular targets.Studies have shown that peptides with alpha helix structure and rich in positive charges can pass through cell membranes.People continue to try to develop methods for stabilizing the α-helix structure. In 2000, a method of stabilizing the α-helix structure of peptides with carbon bonds as a scaffold was invented. It has a higher degree of α-helix and increases the binding ability to the target by 5 ~ 5 000 times.

Long Chain Peptide

In peptide synthesis technology, the solid phase method is also suitable for the synthesis of long-chain peptides.However, with the extension of the peptide chain, the reaction time increases, and the by-products become more and more complicated.In synthesis of long chain peptide,We use microwave technology to break the polymerization state of the peptide chain,and use the fragment synthesis method to divide the peptide into several peptide segments, and then perform condensation reactions separately to increase the final yield. Hydrazide chemical synthesis method also common use in long peptide.