Peptide QC Service


Omizzur has always been very concerned about the quality control and testing of products. After years of development, Omizzur has the most comprehensive and advanced peptide production and detection equipment.It has established peptide protein detection center, including mass spectrometry detection center, liquid chromatography detection center and amino acid analysis center. Omizzur have a high-quality testing team, all testing personnel have been strictly trained and have overseas study experience, also have a complete set of quality assurance system. 


Standard custom peptide products will be attached with complete analysis report, including: HPLC , Mass spectrometry report and Certificate of Analysis (COA).These QC services basically meet the requirements of general peptide applications.In addition, peptides in special application fields may also need other QC tests. Therefore, we provide the following comprehensive QC services to meet the different requirements:

Test itemsDescriptionApplication
Amino acid composition analysisThe peptide was hydrolyzed into independent amino acids under acidic conditions. The amino acid derivatives produced by pre-column derivatization can be easily detected by UV.

• Single amino acid content


• Net peptide content

Peptide solubility  test According to the composition of peptide sequence, several solvents were selected for testing to determine the best solvent.

• Hydrophobic peptide

• Influence of secondary structure of peptides

LC-MSNewly designed ion optical system are used to realize high sensitivity and high stability.Data under various analytical conditions can be measured by one sampling

• Molecular weight determination

• Peptide composition determination

Elemental analysisTest the C, N and H content in organic and most inorganic solids and liquids• Peptide content test
NMR analysisUnder the action of external magnetic field, the nucleus resonance  of a specific frequency is absorbed to confirm the structure of peptide and small protein

• Test the amino acid sequence of the peptide

• Identification of impurity structure in peptide

Analysis of functional groups in peptides or proteins• Study on secondary structure of peptide or protein
UVDetection of UV absorption for wavelength

• Determination of peptide content

• Amino acid analysi

TFA content analysis

Provide TFA detection service

TFA removal service is available

• Study on bioactive drug components

• Cell research experiment

Endotoxin testBacterial endotoxin analysis and regulation• Research on APIs(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
Water content testsAnalysis the water content by Karl Fisher method• Detection of water content in peptide
Acetic acid content testTo determine the content of acetic acid by ion or liquid chromatography• Peptide composition determination
MALDI TOF MSNew soft ionization mass spectrometry

• Accurate determination of molecular weight of biomacromolecules

• Identification of PMF(Peptide Mass Fingerprinting)

Micro Bioburden testa total viable count count test for estimation of viable aerobic mesophilic microorganisms in products• GMP drug research