Fmoc-OSu CAS 82911-69-1

fmoc-osu.pngName: Fmoc-OSu

CAS: 82911-69-1


1. Fmoc-OSu is used as amino acid protective agent , pharmaceutical intermediate.

2. Fmoc-OSu is kind of amino acid derivatization reagent which can be detected by fluorescence, the reagent is stable, free of dipeptide and tripeptide impurities and has a faster reaction speed.

3. Fmoc-OSu is used to prepare fmoc-amino acid derivatives ,can selectively protect hydroxyl-containing amino acids. Fmoc-OSu can also be used to synthesize glycopeptides.

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Fmoc-OSu CAS: 82911-69-1 | Omizzur

Fmoc-OSu background

Peptide is a substance whose molecular structure is between amino acid and protein. It is composed of various amino acids combined by peptide bonds in a certain order. 

The total synthesis of peptides has very important application value: through the total synthesis of peptides, the structure of peptides can be verified; new peptides are designed to study the relationship between structure and function; important information is provided for the reaction mechanism of peptide biosynthesis; model enzymes and new peptide drugs, etc. Currently, peptides are mainly synthesized by solid-phase synthesis.

Amino Acid Active Group Protector: Fmoc-OSu

In the process of synthesizing peptides, the active groups of amino acids need to be protected first, and the protecting groups should be removed after the reaction is completed. 

The Fmoc group is very stable to acid, but can be removed with piperidine-dichloromethane or piperidine-dimethylformamide. Fmoc solid-phase synthesis of peptides has been widely used.

Fmoc-OSu in fine chemical industry

Peptide drugs are widely used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, AIDS and cancer. Amino acid protectors are mainly used for amino protection of various amino acids, extending to solid phase peptide synthesis and peptide drugs. Peptide is an amino acid drug with no side effects, it will gradually replace the drugs produced by traditional chlorination, nitration, sulfonation and other processes. 

Fmoc-Osu and Fmoc-Cl are important amino protectors in peptide synthesis and have unique roles in peptide production. With the commercialization of thymosin, anticancer drug octreotide, anti AIDS drug T20 and other drugs, Fmoc-OSu has grown rapidly because it is a fine chemical product with high added value. The project belongs to the field of fine chemical industry.

Omizzur new technology of Fmoc-OSu

Fmoc-OSu and other amino acid protectors are mainly produced by phosgene method. The problems of slow phosgenation reaction, low yield, low purity of intermediates, poor thermal stability of amino acid protectors, and difficulties in refining and preservation are the bottlenecks restricting the production of high-quality amino acid protectors. 

Omizzur Biotech has innovated and developed a one-step production process by researching new catalysts, adopting new purification processes, and successfully solved these technical bottlenecks, which has greatly promoted the technological progress of phosgene industry in the production of Fmoc-OSu. 

This technology has been popularized and applied to the production of other hydrogen based acid protectors as a common technology, which reduces the production cost, ensures the product quality, and meets the market's greatest demand for high-quality protective amino acids .

On the basis of 200T/a Fmoc-OSu production, Omizzur Biotech has carried out the synthesis and development of protective amino acids and peptides, and produced a series of amino acid protectors such as benzyloxysuccinimide (Cbz-OSu), p-nitrobenzyl chloroformate, and di tert butyl dicarbonate, making the products serialized and large-scale.

Product date sheet.png

Product name



9-Fluorenylmethyl N-Succinimidyl Carbonate




Purity / Analysis Method


Molecular Formula 


Molecular Weight



White to Almost white powder to crystal


Organic synthesis


Peptide API Production


Cool dry place(≤25oC)


≥ 2 years

NMR of Fmoc-OSu


MS of Fmoc-OSu


Fmoc-OSu COA data




Melting Point 

Clarity of solution 

Water Content(K.F.) 

Loss on drying 

IR Spectrum 

Mass Spectrum 

NMR Spectrum

White crystalline powder 



1 mmol in 2ml DMF clear solution 


≤0.5% (60oC 2h) 

In accordance with the structure 

In accordance with the structure 

In accordance with the structure











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Quality Assurance

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