Neoantigen Peptides for Precision Medicine


Neoantigen (NEA) is a specific antigen located on the surface of tumor cells. They are tumor specific and widely present in different tumor tissues, so they can be recognized by T cells and further induce immune response. Its existence makes human immunotherapy enter into a new field and stride into the third generation of precise cellular immunotherapy.


Precision medicine, in essence, is a more accurate personalized medical treatment, which is very suitable for the clinical treatment of malignant tumors, and has great application prospects.Through high-throughput gene sequencing and big data analysis, new tumor specific antigens that can effectively activate the immune response were screened out.According to the various types of major histocompatibility complex(MHC) from patients,new epitopes that can trigger strong immune response were searched, and new tumor cell specific new antigens (Neoantinogens) and precise T with high response to new antigen epitopes were obtained.After that, precise immune T cells were induced and enriched through amplification and adoptive reinfusion therapy to achieve precise immunotherapy for tumor patients.


Omizzur Biotech has rich experience in the accurate prediction, screening and synthesis of neoantigen peptides. On this basis, we provide neoantigen peptides library services and removal service of toxic acid , solvent residues, endotoxin in peptides, so that the produced neoantigens peptides can meet the immune requirements.

Superiority of Neoantigen Peptides Synthesis

√ Advanced neoantigen peptide screening algorithm:HEPA ( heterogeneous expression profile analysis).It can quickly screen genes with similar expression profiles to classical tumor specific antigens from human genome containing tens of thousands of genes.


√ Rich experience in polypeptide synthesis: Omizzur have unique technology for peptides that are difficult to synthesize .We control peptide impurities such as TFA, organic residual solvents, endotoxin and independent synthesis line makes no cross contamination.


√ Stringent quality control and overall GMP quality management: Omzzur is a comprehensive quality management platform certified by ISO 9001 and GMP, which requires each neoantigen peptide to meet customer requirements. The synthesis report includes HPLC /MS to ensure the quality. 


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