N-methyl amino acids

Amino acid N-methylation is an important modification of protein and nucleic acid, which can regulate the expression and closure of genes. It is closely related to many diseases such as cancer, aging, Alzheimer's disease and so on. It is one of the important research contents of epigenetics. The N-methylation of amino acids is accompanied by the development of natural peptide drugs, and it also plays a great role in promoting the research of natural peptide compounds

Optical pure N-methyl-amino acids are important components of many natural products with physiological activities, especially N-methylamino acids have important roles in the conformation and physiological activity information of polypeptide molecules. N-methylation can reduce the number of isomers by limiting the flexibility of molecular skeleton of polypeptide; this structural modification not only affects the interaction between peptide molecules and receptors, but also enhances its biological activity compared with non-n-methylated peptides; meanwhile, it contains The peptide and its analogues of n-methylamino acids have stronger anti degradation property for protease. In addition, N-methylamino acids are also commonly used as conformation research tools for polypeptides and their derivatives.

Omizzur Biotech uses a variety of synthetic methods, such as reductive amination, oxazolidinone intermediate method, reductive alkylation of α - azidic acid compounds to obtain the following list of high-purity N-methylamino acids, which are widely used in various biochemical experiments. Please consult customer service center for the latest product catalog and quotation,samples for analysis is approved.