Microwave Technology accelerate Peptide Synthesis


Microwave is an electromagnetic wave whose frequency is about 300MHz-300GHz, which means the wavelength is in the range of 0.1mm to 100cm. It lies between the infrared radiation and the radio waves of the electromagnetic spectrum .Microwave has the following characteristics in polypeptide synthesis: accelerate reaction and enhance the inversion rate;also the structure of the reaction product was not changed under microwave irradiation.

The application of microwave in peptide synthesis has very prominent advantages,The rate of organic synthesis under microwave irradiation can be increased several times or even thousands of times.As microwave can improve the reaction speed and productivity, it nowadays become a hot point in peptide synthesis.

Microwave technology makes microwave penetrate into the material by heating method, and the polar intermolecular interaction with the material is converted into heat energy, it makes the internal molecule can obtain heat in a very short time, and also increase the molecule energy and the frequency of molecule collision ,which make the peptide synthesis reactions have higher coupling efficiency and make it possible for long peptide and difficult peptide synthesis that were unimaginable in the past years.



OMIZZUTMMicrowave Core Strengths

Extremely Rush Synthesis Time

It is 20 times faster than the traditional method, and the coupling period of an amino acid is only 10 minutes without racemization.

Higher Peptide Purity

Omizzur has optimized the electromagnetic field technology of annular focusing .Purity of at least 98% can be achieved after purification.

Synthesis of Difficult Peptides

Up to 111 amino acids can be synthesized in one time, and 12 peptides can be synthesized in one synthesis period.

Reduce Research Costs

All reagents are completely open and different types of resin can be selected, which improves the replacement rate of resin and ultimately reduces the R & D cost..

Our OMIZZUTM   technology is your first option for fast microwave peptide synthesis demand ,Omizzur provide reliable quality and fast deliver to ensure your research goes smoothly.


Rush serviceRush peptide synthesis 1Rush peptide synthesis 2Normal Peptide Synthesis
Sequence length5-25 AA line5-30 AApunfied30AA-150AA
PurityCrude70%+95%98% above
ModificationsSimpleNormalNormal to complex
QuantityUp to 100 mgUp to 100 mgmg to kg
Solubility TestYesYesYes
Deliver time*1 week1-2 weeks1-2 weeks

Omizzur control every step of the microwave reaction completely, and real-time in situ monitoring of the sample temperature can make the reaction under the optimal intensity of the annular electromagnetic field.At the same time, the amino acid coupling reaction was carried out in a very fast and efficient time, so that the racemization of the product is basically disappeared, the activity of the peptide was guaranteed meanwhile.Microwave custom peptide synthesis products is widely used in SARS and AIDS drug researches.

Method of synthesisCondensation efficiency at each step(%)Final yieldConclusion**
Microwave99.910010099.899.599.999.999.799.880.0Meet requirements
General method80.483.187.994.893.176.770.579.983.419.3Failed
Peptide synthesizer99.499.910099.898.999.998.999.799.569.4High cost


**By general method It is difficult to separate a large number of heteropeptides which are very close to the target peptide , which leads to synthesis failure; by peptide synthesizer the amount of amino acid used is 10 times of that of resin,which is not suitable for scale-up production.With the assist of microwave technology, the condensation efficiency of each step is over 99.5, and the reaction time of each step is only 4 minutes.



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