Antibody Custom Service

custom antibody services

Omizzur have completed more than 10000 custom antibody projects so far ,which proves that our custom antibody technology, purification and screening services can provide consistent quality  and excellent antibodies for your needs. When your customized project starts, your customer service representative will inform the latest progress of the antibody project according to the Omizzur's antibody project monitoring process

Omizzur custom antibody services include antigen peptide design and synthesis,protein expression and purification,polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production,and antibody labeling services.With our over 10 years antibody experience, we can make commitment that Omizzur product can meet the requirement of ELISA, WB, IP, IHC and flow cytometry so on.


Core Advantages:

• Free antibody consultation

Free selection of the most suitable antibody package, proteins analysis and peptide antigens design for customers.


• Abundant antigen design experience

Omizzur has summed up a set of effective antigen design methods which combined with genomics, proteomics and structural genomics to made antibodies ensure the success of Western blot experiments


• Antibody project monitoring process

Including antigen design, antigen production, laboratory animal immunization, and final antibody quality inspection 4 key processes.All antibody verification data are submitted to the customer.


One to one intimate service

Omizzur BIotech will arrange a customer service representative to report the progress of your project at any time


• Extremely competitive prices

Guaranteeing the best service at the lowest price in the market


• After-sale technical service

After-sale antibody technical support

Custom antibody service

Antigen synthesis

Peptide design, synthesis and conjugation, protein expression and  conjugation(KLH, BSA or OVA)

Polyclonal antibody service

Monoclonal antibody service


Modification-specific antibody

Phospho-, acetyl-, methyl- antibody, etc.

Antibody purification

Protein A/G/L purification
Antigen affinity purification

Antibody identification

ELISA,Dot blot.Western blot,IHC

Antibody labeling