Omizzur Peptide Quality System


Omizzur is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Omizzur obtained the upgrade to the ISO 9001:2015 standard as one of the first biotech companies in Asia.we maintain an positive quality system that is annually reviewed and certified by an independent third party .This represents our commitment to excellent quality and good wish for long-term win-win cooperation.


As a leading peptide synthesis company in Asia,Omizzur is dedicated to main and continuously improve peptide services and products.Omizzur have a stringent quality management system which verifies the products and services we provide can meet or exceed industry standards.This assures customers that the company operates under a reliable quality management system.


OMIZZUTM Synthesis Technology

OMIZZUTM Technology is a proprietary synthesis platform which Omizzur developed for custom peptide synthesis,rush peptide service, and peptide library service. It helps Omizzur have the capacity to assemble high throughput peptide fragments in a very short period of time.


Also Omizzur can secure the accurate of continuous peptide synthesis with automation,which increases high throughput capability to make is achievable to deliver more than 10000 peptide sequences every month.


Core Competence

• Quality Stability

 By using a reasonable synthesis strategy for full-automatic production,can reduce the the error by human operation and make the peptide quality stable.


• Rush Synthesis Service

Omizzur provides a new option for the rapid synthesis of peptide:for peptide length<30 amino acids,Omizzur deliver products in 3-14 days depending on detail requirement by optimized microwave technology.


Custom Peptide Library

Omizzur offer over ten kinds of peptide libraries for different biological research.With OMIZZUTM peptide library platform we can synthesize peptides of up to 30 amino acids in length in individually vials without any cross contaminants.


Antibody Project Process Monitoring

• Antigen Design

Antigen design is the key to antibody production,Combined with theories of genomics, proteomics ,Omizzur predict the antigenic determinant according to the hydrophilicity, surface accessibility and elasticity of each amino acid , thus design peptide antigens and be verified by the biological software to ensure its specificity. The selected antigen peptide sequence and analysis data shall be submitted to the customer, and the final antigen sequence shall be determined after discussion with the customer.


• Antigen Production

The purity of peptide is generally more than 90%,which greatly reduces the immune reaction caused by impurities and the production of non-specific antibody.


• Experimental Animal Immunity

All the immunization operators have received on-site training from foreign antibody production companies. After the first and strengthening immunization, serum was collected regularly to check the immune effect. Ensure the final serum titer: peptide antigen ELISA > 32000, protein antigen ELISA > 64000.


• Antibody Quality Inspection

The finished antibody or antiserum must pass all validation required by the customer (ELISA, Western blot, IHC, etc.) All antigen and antibody validation data are submitted to the customer.


• Customer Feedback are our Incitement

Company regulation is important but we pay much more attention to customer’s praise and criticism,the suggestion directly to us can help Omizzur make improvements point to the right direction.

Multiple Analytical Instruments ensure Quality

We have a full range of most advanced peptide / amino acid detection instrument:

Instrument typeModelManufacturer / BrandTest scope
NMR Spectrometer

Bruker Avance III HD

 400 MHz


1H- NMR | 13C NMR | 2DNMR

LC / MSLCMS-2010Shimadzu

MW of peptides and proteins (by ESI-MS)|

MS research  of natural / biological / organic product.

High speed automatic amino acid analyzerHitachi L-8900HitachiComposition analysis of amino acid  
Organic elemental analyzerVario Micro CubeElementarDetermination of C, N, H in organic, inorganic solid and liquid.
Ion chromatographMetrohm 883MetrohmQuantitative analysis of anions, cations and other polar groups
Automatic polarimeterAutol IRudolphTest the sample optical rotation, specific rotation etc.
Infrared spectrometerNicolet iS5 Thermo FisherComposition and structure analysis of organic / inorganic / polymer materials.
UV spectrophotometerHitachi U-2910HitachiDetermination of absorbance of free amino acids etc.