Large Scale Peptide Synthesis -CMO Services

Peptide synthesis at large scale is far more than simply increasing the quantities of the materials which to be used in peptide synthesis process.At present the production of large scale peptide is accomplished by using solid phase and liquid phase synthesis method.Both liquid-phase synthesis and solid-phase synthesis are in accordance with the designed amino acid sequence, by directional synthesis of amide bonds to gradually get the target molecules.This is not complicated in theory but in practice, the formation of amide bond between amino acids is much more intricate. In large-scale peptide synthesis, it is not only necessary to focus the selection of activation ,coupling methods, the strategies of protection / deprotection , but also to optimize the synthesis process, combing various synthesis methods to realize efficient coupling of each amino residue , and minimize the requirements for downstream processes meanwhile.

large scale peptide synthesis

Omizzur peptide provide the following quality services:


• Contract Manufacture Organization related Business

Entrusted drug processing business, optimization of freeze-drying process, and conjoint research, development and production of peptide drugs.


• Dedicated Staff Solutions

Sterile drug production skills training and optimization of production quality management system for aseptic drug production,drug technology transfer services.


• High quality control production process

Omizzur large scale peptide synthesis remains all of the features for our standard custom peptide synthesis services:high purity , high synthesis success rate,and on time delivery.


With abundant synthetic experience for more than 10 years,Omizzur offers complete preliminary cost analysis, project review, R & D process optimization and qualification QC reports on all CMO large scale peptide production,and make it possible to obtain large scale with multi-kilo amounts of biologically active peptides.