Amino-protecting reagents

To synthesize a compound that is the same as a natural polypeptide, various optically active amino acids must be connected in a certain order to form a peptide chain of a certain length. When it is necessary to combine the carboxyl group of one amino acid with the amino group of another amino acid, it is necessary to prevent The same amino acid molecules bind to each other. Therefore, certain amino or carboxyl groups must be protected during synthesis so that the reaction can proceed in the required manner.

Amino protective agents are derived from various products with different functions and varieties, and are used in the synthesis of medicines, protein and peptide synthesis, biochemical foods, cosmetics and other products. Amino protecting groups are mainly divided into alkoxycarbonyls, acyls, alkyls, and silyl derivatives, imine derivatives, etc.

The varieties of amino protection reagents supplied by Omizzur Biotech include but are not limited to the following varieties. Please contact the customer service center for the latest product catalog and quotation.