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General Description

Buy DSIP Peptide 5mg | Omizzur Peptide

Sleep is considered a major mystery of life, and normal individuals have a natural sleep wake cycle every 24/25 hours. The occurrence and transformation of sleep and awakening may be the result of the combined action of neurotransmitters and endogenous sleep promoting substances in the brain, which are regulated by circadian rhythms. Therefore, more and more scholars are paying attention to the study of sleep mechanisms.

Discovery of DSIP Peptides

In 1952, scientists discovered that short and rapid eye movements often occur during sleep, accompanied by rapid and low amplitude brain waves. This important discovery has led to the flourishing development of sleep research. Some scholars believe that there are some active sleep inducing substances, also known as sleep promoting substances, in the brain tissue and body fluids of animals with sleep or sleep deprivation.

In 1977, researchers isolated and purified a peptide compound with hypnotic activity from the cerebrospinal fluid of rabbits deprived of sleep. Injecting it into a rabbit vein can promote slow wave sleep and specifically enhance the δ It affects the spindle shaped activity of sleep, hence its name Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide, abbreviated as DSIP Peptide.

The Structure of DSIP Peptides

The DSIP peptide structure is a nine peptide, with a molecular weight of 848.98. The amino acid sequence is Trp-Ala-Gly-Gly-Asp-Ala-Ser-Gly-Glu. The content of this nine peptide is extremely low in rabbits, but its activity is strong. Intravenous injection of 30nmol/kg can induce normal sleep in rabbits. DSIP is the first sleep substance to have its chemical structure elucidated, which has attracted the interest of many researchers. People quickly studied the structure activity relationship of DSIP and synthesized a series of analogues.

Physiological activity of DSIP peptides

Studies have shown that endogenous DSIP peptides are involved in the regulation of many peptide hormones: they can inhibit the secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone, growth hormone inhibin, stimulate the secretion of luteinizing hormone, growth hormone, and growth hormone releasing hormone. Subsequently, with the deepening of research, DSIP has been found to have multiple physiological functions, and is therefore considered a multifunctional neuroregulatory peptide, The most significant physiological activity among these functions is its stress protective effect.

DSIP peptide, as a stress limiting factor, can reduce the damage of environmental stress factors to the body. Endogenous DSIP levels in the human body increase after the age of 35 to reduce the damage of stress reactions to the body. In the immune response, DSIP peptides can also act as immune modulators, promote cell differentiation, and have anti-tumor effects.

Characteristics of DSIP peptide:

1. DSIP has the characteristic of lowering body temperature;

2. DSIP also has vasodilator activity, and after receiving DsIP, blood pressure in hypertensive individuals or mice will decrease; DSIP peptides have the function of regulating circadian rhythms;

3. DSIP peptides can also exert analgesic effects by enhancing the interaction between enkephalin and opioid receptors;

4. DSIP peptides have anti alcohol and anti opium activities, which can inhibit dependence on alcohol and opium;

5. DSIP peptides also have anticonvulsant effects.

Synthesis of DSIP Peptide

Due to the extremely low content of DSIP peptides in the body, separation and purification are not only cumbersome and very difficult, but also with the understanding of the primary structure of DSIP peptides, people have begun to attempt to obtain DSIP peptides through chemical synthesis methods, and have achieved certain success.

In the synthesis of DSIP, there are solution method, solid-phase method, enzymatic method, and genetic engineering method, but genetic engineering method is not yet mature. In recent years, solid-phase peptide synthesis has dominated, mainly due to the use of separation techniques such as washing and filtration to purify reaction intermediates and final products. After synthesizing DSIP using peptide Fmoc solid-phase method, the crude peptide was purified and analyzed using high-performance liquid chromatography, and the purified product was identified using a mass spectrometer.

With the advancement of modern detection technology, at least 23 endogenous sleep peptide substances have been discovered so far currently still under research. The study of artificially synthesized sleep peptide DSIP not only contributes to the understanding of sleep mechanisms, but also contributes to a new hypnotic drug for patients with sleep disorders, with broad clinical application prospects.

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DSIP Peptide

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