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TypeAnti Wrinkle Peptide


Purity % (HPLC)> 99.0% (HPLC)
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General Description

SYN AKE Anti Wrinkle Peptide | Omizzur

SYN AKE peptide is a small peptide that mimics the activity of snake venom waglerin I. Clinical trials have shown that SYN-AKE peptide can reduce the generation of wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contraction, and has good smooth and rapid wrinkle performance.

Clinical Testing & Mechanism of Action

Syn Ake is only synthesized based on the amino acid sequence in snake venom that can block human nerve excitement. There are only three amino acids, and after being applied to the skin, it will also have the effect of blocking nerve excitement, but the effect is not as strong as snake venom , only a small amount of blocking nerve excitation.

Snake venom tripeptide (Syn-Ake) acts on the postsynaptic membrane and is a reversible antagonist of muscle nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nmAChR). Snake venom tripeptide binds to the ε subunit of nmAChR to block the binding of acetylcholine to the receptor, eventually leading to receptor blockade, blockage of nerve excitation transmission, and muscle relaxation. When the muscles cannot be excited, the skin is no longer in a tight and wrinkled state, and the anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects can be achieved over time.

In the experiment of cultured muscle cells, using 0.025% snake venom like tripeptide can reduce muscle contraction rate by 36% after one minute and 82% after two hours, so snake venom peptide can be used as instant wrinkle removing product.

SYN-AKE Peptide

Determination of antiwrinkle activity of SYN-AKE Peptide

50 subjects participated in this experiment. Compared with placebo and reference substance, the recommended concentration of snake venom like tripeptide was used in both products. The experiment lasted for 28 days, twice a day. The results showed that SYN-AKE Peptide could significantly reduce the expression lines on the forehead, and the activity of snake venom like tripeptide was significantly higher than that of acetyl hexapeptide-8.

L'Oreal Purple Iron Eye Cream, SPA Snake Venom Eye Mask, Filorga Rejuvenating Time Eye Cream, etc., all contain snake venom peptides, but because the addition of Syn Ake peptides is very low, it can play its role in reducing wrinkles, and the minimum addition amount is 0.01%.

What is Snake Venom Peptide?

Snake venom peptide is a substance secreted by the gland of viper, which has the pharmacological effects of analgesia, hemostasis, inhibition of thrombosis and anti-tumor. Some snake venom preparations have been made and applied in clinic. However, snake venom peptide is the most complex component in animal poisons. It is roughly estimated that there are less than 20 kinds of active components in each snake venom, mainly including various toxins, enzymes and active peptides. Most of the active components directly enter the body, which may cause serious toxic and side effects, such as cardiotoxicity, neurotoxicity, etc, These toxic and side effects are the main reasons to limit the application of snake venom in clinical treatment.

Application and Recommended Dosage

In cosmetics formula, such as emulsion, gel, etc., so as to achieve the ideal effect to remove deep wrinkles or wrinkles around the forehead or eyes. In the final stage of cosmetic production.


In vivo and in vitro tests showed that Sansheng peptide had no cytotoxicity, skin irritation, allergy and eye irritation.

Product Data Sheet

Name : SYN-AKE Peptide

Other name:(2S)-beta-Alanyl-L-prolyl-2,4-diamino-N-(phenylmethyl)butanamide acetate

CAS 823202-99-9

Type: Anti wrinkle peptide

Molecular weight 495.58

Molecular formula C19H29N5O3.2(C2H4O2)

Peptide sequence H- β- Ala-Pro-Dab-NH-Bzl

Package 1g / bottle, 5g / bottle, 10g / bottle, 100g / bottle or customized

The tripeptide powder must be stored in a cool, dark and clean place with a low temperature of 2-8 ℃ and a good shelf life

Content: 2000~3000ppm

pH :4.5~5.5

Microorganism count: <100CFU/ml

Specified Pathogens: None

Usage and Dosage

Wrinkle-Smoothing Peptide (Syn-Ake) can be treated in heat (70°C for less than 2 hours) or cold. Aketide is stable within the pH range of 3.0~5.5. In order to avoid secondary microbial contamination, it should be used immediately after opening the cap.

Storage and shelf life

Wrinkle-smoothing peptide (Syn-Ake) should be stored in a sealed container, away from light and humidity, in a clean place at a temperature of 15-25°C. If properly stored according to the above conditions, Aketide can be stored for at least 2 years. In order to avoid secondary microbial contamination, it should be applied immediately after opening the cap.

Clinical test

Wrinkle-reducing peptide (Syn-Ake) anti-wrinkle assay

Fifty subjects participated in this experiment, and Syn-Ake was compared with a placebo and a reference substance, both products were applied at recommended concentrations. The test lasted 28 days, twice a day. The results show that Syn-Ake can significantly reduce the expression lines on the forehead. Compared with the reference substance hexapeptide, Syn-Ake shows significantly higher activity

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