BOP reagent

BOP reagent | CAS :56602-33-6 | Peptide condensing agent 99% purity
* For Research Use Only. Not Intended for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use.
Name BOP reagent 


Other name 

1H-Benzotriazol-1-yloxytris(dimethylamino)phosphonium Hexafluorophosphate

Molecular formula


Purity (HPLC)


Molecular weight


CharacterWhite to off-white

25g; 100g; 500g

ISO Certified Peptide Manufacturer

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General Description

--BOP reagent CAS :56602-33-6 for high purity!--

BOP reagent is a kind of peptide coupling reagent. BOP reagent has been proved to be a valuable amino acid blocking derivative in peptide synthesis.

Among many chemical synthesis methods, the condensation agent method is the most widely used, and its application has been extended to the whole field of organic synthesis, which can efficiently synthesize amides, esters, macrolides and macrolactams. This method is not only efficient and simple, but also can effectively avoid the side reactions in the process of separation, purification and storage of activation intermediates.

Product Data Sheet

BOP Reagent 

CAS :56602-33-6

Type:Peptide condensing agent,Keywords nitrogen compounds; peptide bond condensing agents; chemical biology; intermediates; coupling agents; protective amino acids; condensing agents; pharmaceutical raw materials;  peptide coupling; chemical reagents; biochemical reagents surfactants; biochemical reagents amino acids; medical raw materials;

Water solubility: methanol: 25 mg/mL, clear

Susceptibility:Moisture & Light Sensitive

Shipping & Storage

Shipping: Deliver to worldwide by Fedex / DHL for free shipping (A certain amount of order should be met)

Information attached with the products: COA analysis report 

Storage: 2 ~ 8 ℃, dark

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