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TypeFmoc amino acids


Purity % (HPLC)> 98.0% (HPLC)
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General Description

Fmoc-Pen(Acm)-OH Best Price - Omizzur

About Fmoc-Pen(Acm)-OH

Pen: Penicillamine (3-mercaptovaline)

The rigidity of disulfide bridges can be increased by replacing Cys by Pen. 

About Fmoc protective group:

In organic synthesis, in order to achieve the purpose of reacting only at the position of the target group and leaving other site groups unaffected, other groups need to be protected with some reagents before the reaction and removed after the reaction is completed. Fmoc protective group is a commonly used protective agent for amino groups.

Advantages of Fmoc protective group

1. Extremely stable to acidity.

2. Contact reduction conditions are easy to remove

Fmoc group introduction method

1. Fmoc-CL reacts with amino acids in dioxane /nahco3 solution to obtain Fmoc protected amino acids

2. Fmoc-OSU is introduced into acetonitrile / water, which has advantages in the preparation of amino acid derivatives

Omizzur dominant varieties

Fmoc-OSu                                     82911-69-1

CBZ-OSu(Z-OSu)                          13139-17-8

2,3,5-Trimethylphenol                    697-82-5

HBTU                                             94790-37-1

HATU                                             148893-10-1

HOAt                                              39968-33-7

PyBop                                            128625-52-5

Fmoc-Pen(Trt)-OH                         201531-88-6

Fmoc-Pen(Acm)-OH                      201531-76-2

N-Fmoc-7-methyl-L-tryptophan      1808268-53-2

Product Data Sheet

Molecular FormulaC23H26N2O5S
Molecular Weight442.5
Purity(HPLC/UPLC) (%)≥99.00%
AppearanceWhite to off white powder



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ShippingEurope, USA, India (by air)

Shipping & Storage

Shipping: Deliver to worldwide by Fedex / Fedex for free shipping (A certain amount of order should be met)

Provide with the goods: quality analysis report (COA,MS,HPLC) 

Storage condition: 2-8 ° C

For your safety and health, please wear lab clothes and disposable gloves.

Ordering Guide:

Quality Assurance

1. For all batches of products, we will keep samples after one year of validity. When customers raise objections, we can make a quick response.

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Order Guidance

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