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General Description

HBTU CAS 94790-37-1

Efficient peptide condensers have always been the research hotspot in the field of peptides, and they are also the guarantee for the efficient synthesis of bioactive peptides and peptide analogues with more and more challenging structures.

At present, there are many reported peptide condensing agents, but they have great influence. The widely used condensing agents are mainly divided into carbodiimide type, phosphorus positive ion type and urea positive ion type from the perspective of molecular structure.

The condensation agents commonly used in peptide synthesis are BOP, reagent, pybop, HBTU, tbtu, HOBt, EDC · HCl, etc

HOBt is to prevent racemization in peptide synthesis, HBTU and TBTU are strong condensation reagents in peptide synthesis.HBTU and TBTU are the enhanced type of HOBt, and the effect is better.

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Product Data Sheet


Type:Peptide coupling reagent


Description: white crystal

The molecular weight : 379.247

Melting point: 183 ~ 189 ℃ (Dec.)

Loss on drying: ≤ 0.5%

Heavy metal: ≤ 20ppm

Shipping & Storage

Storage and transportation: 2 ~ 8 ℃

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