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The research progress of bioactive cosmetic peptides

Research results show that biological and active cosmetic peptides can play a certain defense and nursing role in skin metabolism renewal. Therefore, biological active peptides are also often used in cosmetic products.In addition, significant progress and breakthroughs have been made in skin cell chemotaxis and migration, repair and regeneration, tissue cell proliferation, protein synthesis and secretion, metabolism and regulation, etc. 

Different from Asian people's pursuit of beauty, Europeans and Americans pursue a healthy skin tone, so skin tanning is very common in Europe and America. People usually use products like melanotan 2 to maintain a healthy skin tone, which are usually available in melanotan2 10mg and melanotan2 5mg.

1 Commonly used beauty peptides in the early stage

L-carnosine and glutathione are two groups of natural active peptides that are finally used in anti-aging cosmetics in the field of beauty and skin care, and a wide range of consumers report that skin care products containing these two kinds of beauty peptides have excellent effects of whitening skin, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle.

1.1L - carnosine

The L - carnosine used to beauty skin care products can specifically help alleviate skin aging is due to the L - carnosine itself has stronger remove overmuch metabolites and the role of oxygen free radicals, but also can by adjusting the ph value of skin regulate the growth of fibroblast, to a certain extent, still can repair the aging cells.

The research progress of bioactive cosmetic peptides

1.2 Glutathione

Glutathione can inhibit the production of dopamine and help to improve the antioxidant capacity of skin. As a broad-spectrum small-molecule antioxidant, glutathione is added to beauty cosmetics and has an important effect of beautifying, beautifying, delaying aging and preventing allergies.

The research progress of bioactive cosmetic peptides


2 Beauty peptides widely used at present

In general, functional peptides with small molecular weight are the main bioactive peptides widely used in beauty, skin care and cosmetics at present, and most of these peptides are prepared by chemical synthesis.

2.1 copper peptides

The discovery of the efficacy of copper peptides in the field of beauty and skin care can be traced back to 1973, when American scholar Loren Picat accidentally discovered that copper peptides in the treatment of wounds, repair skin damage has a very significant effect.Since then, Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans into the clinical demonstration of copper peptides can improve the aging of human skin, and restore the original elasticity of the important effect.

2.2 Acetyl hexapeptide-3

Acetyl hexapeptide-3, also known as Botox, is the most widely used polypeptide among beauty polypeptide substances. In terms of efficacy, acetyl hexapeptide-3 has the same effect as Botulinum toxin A to smooth skin fine lines, but in terms of use cost, acetyl hexapeptide-3 has higher economic efficiency.

2.3 Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3

Palmitoyl pentapeptides - 3 mainly through chemical synthesis of collagen protein fragments and palmitic acid is a kind of bioactive peptides, which combines the chemical properties of collagen with palmitic acid, added to the cosmetics, can effectively promote skin collagen fiber cells with the combination of glucosamine and tighten the skin.Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 also equalizes skin tone and enhances skin gloss and transparency by hydrating and moisturizing.

2.4 Acetyl tetrapeptide-5

Acetyl tetrapeptide-5 is also known for its commercial use as ocular silk aminopeptide, active peptide for removing eye bags. As the name suggests, acetyl tetrapeptide-5 is used in beauty and skin care cosmetics to reduce eye bags and remove dark circles under the eyes. Therefore, it is often added to various eye care products.


3 New functional beautypeptide

3.1 Progeline novel peptide

Progeline is a fluorinated peptide, which can protect skin structure after being added to beauty and skin care cosmetics. In addition, Progeline new peptide can also protect skin structure protein. Therefore, Progeline new peptide is also regarded as a new type of skin aging inhibition peptide substance.

3.2 Acyl tetrapeptide-9

Acyl tetrapeptide-9- 9 can make dermal extracellular matrix and the structure of the dermal epidermal junction of proteoglycans several gene activity, in addition, the base to the person of chitosan membrane synthesis, synthesis of collagen, there is also a important role in promoting, works in a similar way, with Progeline new peptide can significantly improve the skin structure, enhance the skin elasticity, anti-aging effect is remarkable.

3.3 Tetrapeptide - 30

Tetrapeptide-30 (proline-lysine-glutamate-lysine) is a protein inherent in human skin. It has been confirmed by UVB irradiation test in vitro that the peptide has a good inhibitory effect on the growth of melanocytes in the dionylated cells.Therefore, Tetrapeptid-30 is widely used as an important ingredient in freckle-removing products.

3.4 the Syn - Hycan

Syn-hycan is the new tripeptide SYN-HyCAN, which can effectively promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin, thus further locking the skin nutrients and moisture, thus maintaining the health of the skin.Syn-hycan also stimulates the production of stronger collagen, which increases water retention.With the continuous closer and progress of science and technology, in the field of beauty, skin care, cosmetic research and design is more and more like science and technology, many enterprises are committed to the research and development of more new bioactive, functional beauty polypeptides.As can be seen from the above, most of the bioactive peptides first used in beauty and skin care products are natural ingredients, but with the progress of biochemical technology, people can better use synthetic chemistry to prepare more multifunctional peptides.Therefore, there will be more beauty peptides with new functions and uses in the near future Being developed and applied.