Cosmetic Peptide Supply


Most chemical reactions, biological reactions and life processes in organisms are regulated by specific amino acid sequences,The biological activity of peptides, which can transcribe these peptide sequences and have the ability to induce the production of small fragments with stable activity and can be synthesized artificially, has opened up the molecular application of peptides in the skin care field.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, cosmetics peptide market is also constantly improving ,functional cosmetics peptide are also highly recommended. Bioactive peptide compounds have the advantages of high biological activity, easy absorption, safety and non-toxicity. Its beauty and skin care, anti-aging biological effects have been gradually applied in cosmetic products.

Omizzur main products include anti wrinkle, anti-aging, whitening, skin repair and so on, and we have spot supply to meet your research needs in the field of cosmetics.

Omizzur Cosmetic Peptides Spot Supplies

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