Unnatural amino acids

Unnatural amino acids refer to the amino acids that are not encoded by the existing 64 genetic codons. Unnatural amino acids are synthetic amino acids, also known as special amino acids. Their structures can be quite different from those of natural amino acids. Some of them introduce some groups into natural amino acids to improve their properties, while others are optically pure compounds with completely different molecular structures from those of natural amino acids.

Unnatural amino acids , which can be endowed with various functional groups are outstanding in protein modification. These unnatural amino acids contain ketone, aldehyde, azide, alkynyl, alkenyl, amido, nitro, phosphate, sulfonate and other functional groups, which can carry out a variety of modification reactions, such as click chemistry, photochemistry, glycosylation, fluorescence, etc Reaction. The modification of proteins by unnatural amino acids brings new opportunities for theoretical research and application of their structure and function

Omizzur Biotech  use chemical synthesis, in vitro biosynthesis, microinjection, post-translational modification to obtain a series of high purity unnatural amino acids,In Ala series, Phe / Tyr series, Homo series products have good advantages .including but not limited to the following varieties. Please consult customer service center for the latest product catalog and quotation,samples for analysis is approved.

Unnatural amino acids product catalog

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