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High efficiency coupling reagent



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General Description

HOAt spot supply | 1-Hydroxy-7-azabenzotriazole CAS:39968-33-7

HOAt (39968-33-7) can inhibit the generation of racemization in peptide condensation; also used for fragment condensation.Compared with the similar DIC/HOBt system in DMF and DCM, the DIC/ HOAt system can more effectively retain the structure for peptide coupling .HOAt is a new type of high-efficiency condensation reagent used in peptide synthesis.

Product Data Sheet

Product Name:HOAt

Other name:HOAT;HO-EPCP;3]Triazolo[4;5-b]pyridin-3-ol;1-Hydroxy-7-azabenzo;5-b]pyridine 3-Oxide;Olaparib Impurity 47;Olaparib Impurity 23(HOAt);1-Hydroxy-7-azabenotriazole;1-HYDROXY-7-AZABENZOTRIAZOL

CAS No.39968-33-7

Molecular Formula:C5H4N4O

Molecular Weight:136.11

Purity  99% min.

Appearance: White crystalline lump

Melting Point : 213 oC (dec.)

300 MHz 1H NMR Spectrum Consistent

Elemental Analysis C: 44.21%; N: 40.91%; H: 3.36%

Loss in Drying 0.41%

TLC Analysis One spot

Solubility:≥6.8mg/mL in DMSO, ≥9.29 mg/mL in EtOH with ultrasonic, ≥3.62 mg/mL in H2O with ultrasonic.

For better dissolution, please heat the test tube at 37°C and shake it in an ultrasonic bath for a while. The solubility of different batches of products from different manufacturers are different, which is only for reference. If the concentration required for the experiment is too large to the product solubility limit, please add a co-solvent or adjust the concentration by yourself.

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