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Purity % (HPLC)

97.0% (GMP) / 99.0%(Pharma)

10 vials x 10 iu
Delivery Location- USA Domestic -
HGH grade

Price ( USD )

GMP$  140.0
Bulk discount
Pharma$  160.0
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General Description

 HGH 10 IU | USA Rush Shipping 

Human Growth Hormone, commonly referred to as HGH or HGH 191AA, is produced by the healthy human body by the pituitary gland which is situated at the base of the brain.HGH is now produced in strictly controlled conditions by recombinant DNA technology. This process has undergone extended safety trials, and HGH is considered appropriate for use in humans.

What is HGH 10 IU used for?

HGH 10 IU’s growth and regenerative effect will allow you to get more energy to exercise. HGH 10 IU’s much anabolic property can also be used for transforming your body fat to muscle mass or increasing your bone density.

Regardless of whether you are an advanced bodybuilder or a professional athlete, growth hormone will have a positive effect on the muscular appearance of the body like hardly any other hormone. Bodybuilders who know how to use growth hormone will rave about the results.

How Can HGH Help You?

HGH stimulates the growth of cells, it can help improve muscle mass in athletes and people wishing to improve their strength and endurance or heal from injury, athletes in weight lifting, swimming, baseball, mixed martial arts, endurance sports, cycling, swimming, and many other sports have used this naturally occurring hormone to improve their levels of performance and fitness. 

HGH will help you:

1.Pack on more muscle, by improving the rate at which your natural cell replacement takes place.

2.Enhance recovery from strenuous exercise and from sports and other injuries by promoting regeneration of muscles.

3.Repair injuries incurred in sports, exercise, and work faster.

4.Lose fat,In particular, lose that dangerous fat around the abdomen.

5.Strengthen your immune system, meaning less downtime at work and play from colds, coughs and minor ailments.

6.Improve your athletic and personal performance, giving you greater stamina, and a greater ability to work and play harder and longer.

Product Data Sheet

Name:HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

Manufacturer qualifications :ISO 9001 / GMP

Size:10iu / 15iu / 36iu

Purity: 97.0% (GMP) / 99.0% (Pharma) 

Pack: 10 Vıal x 10 Iu

Quality Inspection : HPLC / MS data 

Min order: 1 kit =10 vials

Shipping: U.S.warehouse fast delivery

Deliver time: 2-4 working days

Payment: Paypal secure & customer privacy protection

Shipping & Storage

We have established a HGH low-temperature warehouse in the United States. Delivery can be completed quickly (door to door) within 3 days across the United States: safe and full privacy protection.

How to Store HGH:

In the refrigerator at 2-8°C.Maintain the state of freeze-dried powder for the longest time.

Ordering Guide:

1. For all batches of products, we will keep samples after one year of validity. When customers raise objections, we can make a quick response.

2. For the products purchased by customers, an original of our inspection report will be attached with the goods, including batch number, etc.

3. If you have any problems in use, please feel free to contact us and we will help you solve them as soon as possible.

 HGH 10 iu Order Guidance

1. After you confirm the purchase, please inform our sales staff of your detailed requirements, including product name, quantity, packaging requirements, etc., as well as your receiving address, company name and contact information; Then our sales staff will make an order for you.  

2. Omizzur is a professional peptide manufacturer, there will be a huge discounts for bulk purchase. Distributors are welcomed. 

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HGH 10iu

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