boc amino acids

BOC Group (t-butyloxy carbon) is an amino protecting group commonly used in peptide synthesis. BOC protecting group is mainly used to protect amino groups in liquid phase peptide synthesis chemistry. Later, with the development, it was gradually applied to the solid-phase synthesis of peptides. At present, BOC is still widely used as an important amino protecting group in organic synthesis, especially in peptide synthesis, through various stabilization strategies (such as BOC / Z) and BOC / Fmoc combination.


Tert butoxycarbonyl (BOC) As an important protecting group of amino group, it has been widely used in organic synthesis. Its deprotection is usually achieved by using pure trifluoroacetic acid or its dichloromethane solution (the ratio of trifluoroacetic acid to dichloromethane is 1 ∶ 3-1 ∶ 1). This method has the advantages of short reaction time, high yield and wide application range, but the strong acidity also easily leads to the separation of sensitive groups In addition, the use of trifluoroacetic acid is limited due to the large amount of trifluoroacetic acid, which leads to environmental pollution and high cost.

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