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What are Melanotan 1 & 2?

Both are synthetic peptides that serve as a great tanning effect. When tanning, you think of lying under the sun for hours or covering your body with sun tanning cremes. MT-1 and MT-2 are quality options to consider.You can enjoy glowing and natural-looking tan without the dangers of UV rays. If you hate the injections, Melanotan is available in different forms like a nasal spray.


With the efforts of the industry, Melanotan can mimic the action of melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH). Years later, Melanotan 2 has introduced in the market.developed in the University of Arizona, MT-2 is another analogue of MSH. MT-is believed to produce the effect of the melanocyte. And other produced hormones in the pituitary gland.

For decades, we’ve known that Melanotan 1 is a full-length peptide. How about the MT-2? , it is a circular version of afamelanotide.Both MT-1 and MT-2 are an excellent tanning agent. But if you’re experiencing low sex drive, MT-2 can be useful.