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Trt and Peptides Which is Better

1.What is Testosterone?

Testosterone, also known as testosterone, is a drug that synthesizes androgen itself or replaces testosterone. Divided into the following 2 types:

1. Self-synthesis of androgen: Testosterone is a kind of androgen, which is mainly synthesized by male testicular cells, and may also be synthesized by adrenal glands and female ovaries. Testosterone has the functions of maintaining normal male sexual function, reproductive function, and secondary sexual characteristics, as well as maintaining muscle strength, maintaining bone density, and improving physical fitness.

2. Drugs to replace testosterone: When there are orchiectomy, anorchidism, orchitis, hypopituitarism, endocrine impotence and other diseases, androgen in the body is significantly reduced or lacking, you can use testosterone replacement drugs under the guidance of a doctor , such as testosterone propionate, testosterone valerate, etc. 

Trt and peptides therapy are currently the two most popular methods for increasing testosterone levels. They each have their own advantages in helping the body increase testosterone levels, but according to the data, the most popular at present is peptide therapy.

(trt and peptides are good for increasing testosterone levels)

Trt and Peptides

2.What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

Testosterone is the most important androgen in men. If the level of testosterone in men is low, the main manifestations are decreased physical fitness, such as muscle loss, decreased muscle strength, increased fat, abdominal obesity, decreased physical strength and endurance, and easy fatigue and fatigue.

Low male androgen levels will also have a certain impact on sexual function, such as loss of libido, decreased frequency of sexual life, erectile dysfunction, decreased semen volume, weak ejaculation, etc. In addition, low male androgen levels can also cause symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, anxiety, forgetfulness, and inability to concentrate. Testosterone in men is mainly secreted by the interstitial cells in the testes, and a small amount is secreted by the adrenal glands.

The common reasons for the decline of male androgen levels include male hypogonadism, congenital chromosomal abnormalities, hypopituitarism, and excessive use of certain hormone drugs.

3. What is Trt (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) ?

Low testosterone levels are divided into hypergonadotropic low testosterone levels and hypogonadotropic low testosterone levels. The specific treatment methods are as follows:

1. Low levels of hypogonadotropic testosterone: Generally, it is most effective to use exogenous androgen replacement therapy, such as oral testosterone undecanoate, intramuscular injection of testosterone enanthate and testosterone propionate, and subcutaneous or scrotal testosterone. Implanted slow-release testosterone preparations, and testosterone transdermal patches for treatment.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (Trt) can satisfactorily improve heart rhythm, heart function, and promote the development of male secondary sexual characteristics, but there are also some side effects such as water and sodium retention, hyperlipidemia, liver function damage, and acne;

2. Low gonadotropin-induced low testosterone levels: Treatment can be aimed at the primary disease. Generally, chorionic gonadotropin and luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone can be supplemented. Most people are more satisfied with the treatment effect. If the treatment effect is not good , you can also use testosterone replacement therapy.

4. What is peptide therapy?

Peptides are a compound formed by linking amino acids with peptide bonds, and is an intermediate product of protein hydrolysis. Peptides are the basis of proteins, and polypeptides are further compounds of amino acids. Peptide molecules have the advantages of high affinity, high selectivity, low toxicity, and easy synthesis, making them ideal drug molecules. Scientists are also based on peptide molecules. New peptide drugs capable of treating various diseases have been developed.

The targeting effect of peptide drugs can assist in the treatment of prostate cancer:

Through the unremitting efforts of scientific researchers, researchers have discovered that peptides have targeting characteristics, and this targeting effect can be further used to precisely treat prostate cancer. Through this characteristic, about half of the gene mutations that occur in prostate cancer, the development of ERG-targeted drugs Small molecule inhibitors have been challenging.


Peptides can be effective antibacterial:

Antibiotics can quickly eliminate inflammation and bacteria, but the overuse of antibiotics will cause many bacteria to develop drug resistance, just like natural selection, the more powerful the antibacterial chemicals, the bacteria will rebound, and the bacteria will evolve into more powerful bacteria. Resulting in the emergence of "super bacteria". Substances called antimicrobial peptides are effective against bacteria.

5. What are the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy?

Basically, testosterone therapy restores the male hormone to a relatively normal level, along with other bodily functions. Testosterone therapy includes tablet ingestion, transdermal therapy, and injections. Injection is the most commonly used means in recent years.

While testosterone replacement therapy has many benefits, it can still have dangers, especially if used incorrectly. People with normal testosterone levels should not use it for purposes other than health. Mainly because the treatment has been linked to dyslipidemia, sleep problems, and a few other conditions. But when the treatment is used for the right purposes, it can often have great benefits, including:

Promotes positive emotions such as calmness, kindness and friendliness.

Reduce fatigue and tension.

Improve sexual function.

Build muscle.

Increase bone density.

Improve mental function.

boost energy levels

6. What are the benefits of peptide therapy?

People prefer peptide therapy because it has fewer side effects. Peptide drugs have more efficacy and effects, such as improving immunity, delaying aging, and some targeted ones, such as lowering blood sugar and treating osteoporosis. Peptide drugs have high safety and good curative effect, and have been widely used in the treatment of clinical tumors, hepatitis, diabetes, AIDS, etc.

Its main functions are as follows: 

① Provide the nutrients needed by cells, promote the activity of immune cells, thereby improving the body's immune ability. 

② Improve the body's ability to absorb nutrients, promote metabolism, and delay aging. 

③ There are also some targeted peptide drugs, such as insulin that can lower blood sugar; calcitonin for the treatment of osteoporosis, etc.


1. How are peptides produced?

Peptides are synthesized by laboratories or peptide synthesis companies using amino acid and peptide solid-phase/liquid-phase synthesis techniques, such as Omizzur lab, which is a company specializing in custom peptide synthesis.

2. Who will use peptides?

This depends on its use effect. Peptides have many examples of use in bodybuilding, skin care products, anti-cancer, cardiovascular and other fields. Popular peptide products include Exenatide, Liraglutide, Melanotan 2, HGH Frag, etc. .

3.  Don’ts to Boost Testosterone Levels


Today's young people are under more and more pressure for life and work. If you don't rule out that these pressures will hinder your body and hinder the increase of testosterone, don't think too much about things at this time and stick to what you like. Do things, chat with friends more everyday to eliminate these problems.


Many people like to eat desserts, such as ice cream, cakes and chocolates, etc. These sweets will increase insulin, hinder the production of testosterone and increase estrogen, which will also make your fat accumulate and you will have a stronger desire for food.


To control your diet, don't eat too much fat-rich calorie food, don't eat too much carbohydrates, especially some fried food, desserts and fatty meat, etc. Controlling your diet will also give you good health. stature.


Men usually drink because of business needs or friends who like to drink because it makes them obese and has a beer belly, and alcohol has obvious reproductive toxicity. Alcoholism in men can cause sexual dysfunction and stimulate our sense of taste. Hunger suppresses testosterone production.