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Research on protein and peptide drug delivery carrier (2)

Liposome-based targeting systems

Liposomes are similar in structure to exosomes, which are ultrafine particles with a diameter of several micrometers to several millimeters formed by the directional arrangement of bilayer phospholipid molecules. They are a good drug carrier. Protein polypeptide drugs need to maintain the chemical structure of protein molecules to maintain Its activity, liposome as a protein polypeptide drug carrier can protect the result and biological activity of the drug, improve the stability, prolong the half-life, and achieve a certain sustained release effect at the same time. Immunoliposomes refer to liposomes modified with peptide fragments or monoclonal antibodies.

The antibody is linked to the end of polyethylene glycol (polyethylene glycol, PEG) or its derivatives to make sterically stabilized immunoliposomes (SIL), which prolong the blood flow of drug-loaded liposomes.

The circulating time of the monoclonal antibody can be extended to the outside of the liposome to play a targeting role, so that the targeting effect of the antibody and the protective effect of PEG can be fully exerted, which is a hotspot of current research.

Peptides have many advantages as targeting moieties, such as targeting specificity, non-immunogenicity, low cost, and ease of synthesis. Arg-see peptide in fibronectin with strong binding affinity for receptors on the surface of target cells. The targeting site of the RGD peptide is the αvβ3 integrin, which plays an important role in tumor cell recognition. Therefore, liposomes conjugated with RGD peptides showed better targeting effect than unmodified liposomes.

luteinizing hormone releasing hormone

(luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone, LH-RH) peptides are also suitable for targeted therapy of hormone-related cancers, such as breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer. Currently, antibody-modified immunoliposome drugs have been developed for the treatment of cancer. In addition, antibodies are easily modified and can be applied to various nanoparticle drug delivery systems. Such as gold nanoparticle systems and magnetic nanoparticle systems.

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