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Protein peptides help recovery from exercise fatigue

The results of a randomized double-blind parallel trial conducted by Buckley et al. in 2010 confirmed that whey protein hydrolyzate WPI (HD) can accelerate the repair of exercise-induced muscle tissue damage and help athletes recover from exercise fatigue. Results of a randomized controlled intervention trial by Hansen et al in 2015 showed that supplementation of whey protein hydrolyzate before and after each workout in elite orienteering runners during a 1-week training period resulted in improved physical performance and reduced muscle damage, facilitating recovery from hard training.

Prospects of sports nutrition research on collagen peptides (custom peptide synthesis)

Research on sports nutrition not only needs to pay attention to athletes, but also needs to pay more attention to middle-aged and elderly sports enthusiasts; long-term exercise or inappropriate exercise will cause damage to joints and bones. Collagen peptide is a rookie ingredient in sports nutrition food. It not only meets the requirements of "General Principles of Sports Nutrition Food", "Protein supplementary sports nutrition food is mainly composed of protein/protein hydrolyzate, which can meet the needs of body tissue growth and repair". , and it also has bone and joint health effects that are significantly better than whey and soy proteins. Looking ahead, a large randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study of athletes and middle-aged and elderly sports enthusiasts should be conducted to compare the sports nutrition properties of collagen peptides, whey protein and soy protein, so as to further determine that collagen peptides are An excellent sports nutrition food.

In a word, sports nutrition food has developed rapidly in recent years. Studies have shown that collagen peptide has high absorption and utilization rate, and has the nutritional properties of protein amino acids and the biological activity effect of peptides. Not only can it maintain nitrogen balance, preserve lean body tissue, increase muscle mass and muscle strength, reduce adipose tissue, and benefit creatine synthesis, it can also reduce joint pain, improve joint function, help athletes improve athletic performance, and help It is better than the commonly used sports nutrition food whey protein and whey protein hydrolyzate to prevent the triple syndrome of female athletes. It is a sports nutrition food with great development potential.