Peptide Knowledge Center

Peptides suitable for solid phase synthesis

Due to the influence of some factors (such as peptide length), not all peptides and proteins can be synthesized by solid-phase synthesis. This method is most suitable for the synthesis of peptides with less than 50 amino acids, and the synthesis efficiency is high. When the target peptide is more than 50 amino acids, it needs to be combined with other methods

Short peptide drugs

Short peptide drugs are becoming a research hotspot because of their short sequence, simple structure and good effect. At present, many short peptide drugs are being studied by peptide solid-phase synthesis. For example, conotoxin, which has become a powerful tool in pharmacology and neuroscience and a new source of new drug development, thymosin as an immune enhancer α 1, the new immunogenic peptide of hepatitis B vaccine. The solid-phase synthesis of peptides is very efficient for the synthesis of short peptide drugs. Therefore, this method is one of the important research methods for short peptide drugs.

Protein domain

Protein is generally composed of several subunits, so it is not possible to synthesize a complete large molecular weight protein at one time. We can only synthesize its short sequence subunit first, then assemble it into a complete protein, and finally detect its biological activity. This method has been widely used in protein engineering and protein function research. At the same time, unnatural amino acids can be introduced by solid-phase peptide synthesis, and their biological functions can be detected. Cyclopeptides are also being synthesized by solid-phase peptide synthesis

Small molecular weight enzyme

As we all know, enzymes play a very important role in organisms. Almost every biochemical reaction in organisms requires enzyme catalysis. The synthesis of small molecular weight enzymes by solid-phase peptide synthesis is conducive to our understanding of its structure and activity. Compared with other methods, the solid-phase synthesis of peptides is simpler and more convenient.