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Glutamine derivatives

Glutamine has many functions, such as enhancing immune function, maintaining acid-base balance, increasing cell volume and enhancing protein synthesis of muscle cells. At present, there are two kinds of glutamine derivatives in clinical application, one is alanine-glutamine (Ala-Gln) and the other is glycine-glutamine (Gly-Gln) Glutamine dipeptide has proved its multiple functions in the treatment of trauma, infection, critical patients, bone marrow transplantation and small bowel transplantation. The synthetic glutamine dipeptide derivatives have stable chemical properties, strong water solubility, heat disinfection resistance and all the biochemical and physiological characteristics necessary for the application of parenteral nutrition.

With our continuous research and development of glutamine derivatives, the products are not limited to the following varieties. Please contact our customer service representative to obtain the latest product catalog

Glutamine derivativesCASType
H-Gln-OH56-85-9Glutamine derivatives
H-Gln-OMe.HCl32668-14-7Glutamine derivatives
H-Gln-pNAC11H14N4O4Glutamine derivatives
H-Gln(Trt)-OH·H2O102747-84-2(net)Glutamine derivatives
Ac-Gln-OtBuC11H20N2O4Glutamine derivatives
H-D-Gln-OH5959-95-5Glutamine derivatives
H-Gln-OBzC12H16N2O3Glutamine derivatives
H-Gln-OtBu·HCl39741-62-3Glutamine derivatives
H-Gln(Isopropyl)·HCl4311-12-0Glutamine derivatives
Ac-Gln-OH2490-97-3Glutamine derivatives
Bz-Gln-OHC12H14N2OGlutamine derivatives
H-D-Gln(Trt)-OH·H2O200625-76-9D-Glutamine derivatives