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11 peptide drugs for tumor treatment

1.Abarelix Acetate  Prostate cancer treatment
2.Degarelix  Treatment of prostate cancer
3.Deslorelin Acetate  Treatment of prostate cancer
4.Triptorelin Prostate cancer in men and infertility in women Treatment of precocious puberty
5.Goserelin Acetate  Prostate tumor regression , Lower testosterone
6.Leuprelin Acetate  Endometriosis , prostatic cancer
7.Alarelin Acetate  Endometriosis , fibroid
8.Nafarelin Acetate  Potent gonadotropin releasing hormone Treatment of endometriosis, inflammation and cyst
9.Busherelin Prostate cancer and breast cancer Endometriosis, hysteromyoma
10.Lecirelin (Dalmarelin) Acetate Acromegaly, Treatment of clinical symptoms of carcinoid
11.Pasireotide Treatment of acromegaly Carcinoid