API Peptide


API peptide is a kind of biological peptide drug which can be used for disease prevention, treatment and diagnosis. Chemical synthesis of peptide is the main production method of it . The drug peptide which was listed are mainly some peptide hormones. With the research of new drugs, the peptide drugs has developed into various fields of disease prevention and treatment, such as anti-tumor peptides, antiviral peptides, peptide vaccines, cytokine mimic peptides, antibacterial peptides, diagnostic peptides, weight loss peptides, so on.

Omizzur Peptide provide dozens of drug peptides for scientific research purpose.The production is in strict accordance with cGMP standard and meets the requirements of USP and EP. We built API production facilities include solid/liquid/microwave synthesizer,purification,lyophilization, and packaging equipment,which are the foundation of the Omizzur quality system for peptide synthesis.

Omizzur ’s API peptide for spot supplies

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