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Peptide Forum Online

Peptide Forum Online

Omizzur provides a free online peptide therapeutics forum, mainly used to share the latest research and development progress in peptide R&D , peptide synthesis, peptide modification, peptide characterization, peptide applications, and other fields. This is a free forum based on LinkedIn/Facebook/Quora, with members from the R&D department of well-known pharmaceutical companies, generic drug companies, peptide research institutions, university peptide laboratories worldwide. 

In all peptide forums below, you can join to share knowledge, meet friends in the peptide industry, or seek help. We welcome any friends engaged in the peptide industry to join us. Here are 15 research topics:

Peptide Forum | Peptide R&D

1.What Should be Paid Attention to In Peptide Synthesis?

Share all discussions on peptide literature, customized peptides, peptide purity, peptide sequence, peptide quantity requirements, and peptide storage methods.

2. Peptide Modification

There are many types of peptide modifications, including conventional N-terminal and C-terminal modifications, fluorescence/biotin labeling, PEG modification, cyclization, non natural amino acid modification, Peptide Conjugates, etc.

3. Research Level Peptides such as Antimicrobial peptides / RGD Peptide / Cell-penetrating Peptides

Various research discussions on the development of antimicrobial peptides, RGD cyclic peptides, antigenic peptides, melittin, Beta - Amyloid peptides, RGES peptides, DSIP peptides, tumor homing peptides, etc

4. Peptide Analysis

Discussion on peptide analysis, peptide characterization experimental data, Mass spectrometry, HPLC, NMR, IR, and other data. Analysis of amino acid components, water solubility testing, removal of TFA salts, peptide sequence detection, etc. Suitable for peptide and peptide impurities research.

5. Discussion on API Level Peptides

Popular API-peptides include exenatide, semaglutide, liraglutide, salmon calcitonin, octreotide, Eptifibatide, thymosin, and Plecanatide etc.

6. Peptide Impurities

Regarding some important peptide characterization data of popular API peptides, HPLC, MS, NMR and other spectral analysis and discussion, popular products include exenatide, semaglutide, etc.

7. Peptide Library

Discussion on screening methods for 9 important peptide libraries.

8. Cosmetic Peptides

More than 50 popular cosmetic peptides for various applications such as wrinkle resistance, anti-aging, and hair growth promotion.

Peptide Raw Materials and Reagents

9. Peptide Reagents

Amino acid protection reagents, condensation reagents, Linkers, etc.

10. Protected of Amino acids / Resins

Various fmoc/boc/cbz amino acids, non natural amino acids, amino acid derivatives, N-methylamino acids, activated amino acids, resins used in solid-phase peptide synthesis etc.

About Your Work and Life

11. Discussion and Evaluation of Peptide Synthesis Companies

Each company has its own areas of expertise, and here we discuss well-known peptide synthesis companies and gather everyone's suggestions. Find the peptide company that best suits you.

12. Discussion on Peptide Work

Discussions on various tasks related to peptide research and development, peptide synthesis, peptide analysis, peptide production, and peptide management personnel. Looking for peptide jobs. You can upload your resume, and HR from well-known pharmaceutical companies are also on our peptide forum.

13. Looking for Suppliers / Business Partners

Here, you can post to seek cooperation, provided that you can share more professional knowledge instead of stiff advertising. Make more contributions instead of taking.

14. Looking for Colleagues/Friends in the Pharmaceutical Industry

You can find many friends in the same industry, perhaps you can get more help, and you can also help more people.

15. Share Some Interesting Life Stories

Perhaps besides peptides, there are some interesting things in your life worth sharing. Tell your story!

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Peptide Forum Online

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1.What is Peptide?

Peptides are a biologically active substance formed by the binding of various amino acids in a certain order through peptide bonds. Peptide have a wide range of biological activities and good safety. Peptide drugs have been widely involved in anti-tumor drugs, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, antiviral peptides, antibacterial active peptides, vaccines, diagnostic kits, cosmetics research and development and other fields.

2.How are Peptides Synthesized?

In 1963, American scientist Bruce Merrifield announced that he had developed a peptide hormone bradykinin with high yield in just 8 days. This method is called solid-phase peptide synthesis. This method is still the mainstream peptide synthesis method in the field of peptides, and the automated synthesis of short peptides has been achieved.

3.What are The Applications of Peptides?

The application of peptides mainly focuses on peptide drugs, peptide drug carriers, cosmetics, and peptide nutritional foods. Peptide vaccine can be used to prevent virus, hepatitis, AIDS and other viral infectious diseases. Peptides that specifically bind to tumor gene targets can be used for the treatment of tumors. Peptides can be used as drug carriers, both as modifiers and as the main components of drug carriers.

Active peptide foods, as a new type of health food, have unique characteristics and functions. Active peptide nutritional food products mainly include milk protein peptide products, plant peptide products, collagen peptide products, livestock and aquatic peptide products, etc.

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