Substance P(SP)

Substance P | CAS:137348-11-9 | Neurokinin P for spot supply
* For Research Use Only. Not Intended for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Use.
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Substance P(SP)| Neurokinin P



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General Description

Substance P | CAS:137348-11-9 research peptide for spot supply~

Substance P is a kind of neuropeptide widely distributed in small nerve fibers. When the nerve is stimulated, substance P can be released in the central and peripheral terminals, and play a physiological role by binding with NK1 receptor. The C-terminal of substance P is involved in the transmission of pain, while the N-terminal of substance P can be reversed by naloxone.

Substance P can participate in pain transmission directly or indirectly by promoting the release of glutamate, and its analgesic effect is caused by promoting the release of enkephalin. Reverse electrical stimulation of sensory nerve or axonal reflex and dorsal root reflex impulses through fine afferent fibers can release substance P at the end of peripheral nerve and cause neurogenic inflammatory reactions such as vasodilation, increased permeability and plasma protein extravasation in the innervated area. Combined with the new progress of meridian research, substance P may be an important substance for meridian information transmission. Recent studies have found that substance P is related to human learning and memory ability


Substance P belongs to tachykinin family

It is widely distributed in the brain. It is abundant in the brain areas (amygdala, periaqueductal gray, hypothalamus, etc.) responsible for emotion regulation. At the same time, it is highly expressed in the cell bodies and nerve fibers of primary sensory neurons

The main function of tachykinin (mainly substance P) is to transmit pain information - peripheral nociceptive sensation is transmitted to the spinal dorsal horn or brain stem through C-type afferent fibers, release substance P and glutamate, activate secondary nociceptive neurons and transmit pain information to the pain center in the brain.

In addition, substance P is involved in the regulation of sensation, movement and emotion, and is related to the pathogenesis of anxiety, depression and schizophrenia.

Product Data Sheet

Product name :Substance P


Molecular formula :C65H102N18O15S

Molecular weight: 1407.68000

Accurate mass is 1406.75000

PSA 579.23000

LogP 4.28500

Appearance ﹣ white

Water solubility: 0.1 M acid: soluble1mg / ml

Shipping & Storage

Storage condition:− 20 ° C

Shipping:deliver by Fedex / DHL,free shipping for wholesale order

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