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Isoleucine derivatives

Isoleucine is one of 20 basic amino acids, which exists in almost all protein structures. There are four stereoisomers and two diastereomers of L-isoleucine. Because L-isoleucine cannot be synthesized in human body, it is an essential amino acid for human body. It is collectively referred to as branched chain amino acid together with L-leucine and L-valine. Isoleucine derivatives can be used in new drug development and peptide synthesis.

Isoleucine derivativesCASType
H-Ile-OH73-32-5Isoleucine derivatives
H-Ile-OMe.HCl18598-74-8Isoleucine derivatives
H-Ile-OtBu.HCl69320-89-4Isoleucine derivatives
H-Ile-Gly-OH868-28-0Isoleucine derivatives
Ac-Ile-OH3077-46-1Isoleucine derivatives
H-D-Allo-Ile-OH1509-35-9D-Isoleucine derivatives
H-DL-Ile-OH443-79-8DL-Isoleucine derivatives
H-Ile-NH2.HCl10466-56-5Isoleucine derivatives
H-Ile-OEt.HCl56782-52-6Isoleucine derivatives
H-Ile-OAll.TosOH88224-05-9Isoleucine derivatives
H-Ile-Tyr-OH38579-21-4Isoleucine derivatives
Ac-Ile-OMe2256-76-0Isoleucine derivatives
Ac-D-Allo-Ile-OHC8H15NO3D-Isoleucine derivatives