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Histidine derivatives

Histidine (His) is one of the main components of human heme. It has a significant buffer effect on the pH value of intracellular fluid and blood, which is crucial for the function of red blood cells in transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide in blood. 

Histidine is a basic and polar compound α- amino acid. Histidine is the essential amino acid and glycogenic amino acid of human body. It is a non essential amino acid for adults, but an essential amino acid for young children.Histidine derivatives play a key role in the electron transfer process of photosynthesis, enzyme catalytic reaction and protein structure determination.

Histidine Derivatives Lists

Histidine derivativesCASType
H-His(Trt)-OH35146-32-8Amino acid derivatives
H-His(Trt)-OMe.HCl32946-56-8Amino acid derivatives
AC-DL-His-OH.H2O213178-97-3Amino acid derivatives
H-D-His-OH351-50-8Amino acid derivatives
H-His(3-Me)-OH368-16-1Amino acid derivatives
Ac-His-OH.H2O39145-52-3Amino acid derivatives
H-DL-His-OH4998-57-6Amino acid derivatives
Fmoc-His(Boc)-OH.CHA210820-99-8Fmoc  amino acids
Fmoc-His(Fmoc)-OH98929-98-7Fmoc  amino acids
Fmoc-His(Trt)-OH109425-51-6Fmoc  amino acids
Fmoc-His(Clt)-OH224032-19-3Fmoc  amino acids
Fmoc-His(3-Me)-OH252049-16-4Fmoc  amino acids
Fmoc-D-His(Boc)-OH.CHA210755-31-0Fmoc  amino acids
Boc-His-OH  17791-52-5Boc amino acids
Boc-His(Boc)-OH20866-46-0Boc amino acids
Boc-His(Bom)-OH79950-65-5Boc amino acids
Boc-His(Dnp)-OH25024-53-7Boc amino acids
Boc-His(Bzl)-OH20898-44-6Boc amino acids
Boc-His(Tos)-OH35899-43-5Boc amino acids
Boc-His(Z)-OH50305-43-6Boc amino acids
Boc-D-His(Tos)-OH69541-68-0Boc amino acids
Boc-His(Boc)-OH.DCHA31687-58-8Boc amino acids
Boc-His(Dnp)-OH.IPA25024-53-7(net)Boc amino acids
Z-His(DNp)-OH/Cbz amino acids
Z-His(Trt)-OH/Cbz amino acids
Z-His-OH14997-58-1Cbz amino acids
Z-His-Ome15545-10-5Cbz amino acids
Boc-His(Nτ-Me)-OH61070-20-0Unnatural amino acids
H-α-Me-DL-His-OHo2.HCl32381-18-3Unnatural amino acids

Histidine derivatives varieties include but are not limited to the above varieties. Please contact our customer service center for detail inquiry 

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