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Glycine derivatives

Glycine is the simplest and the only one without optical isomer α- amino acid.Glycine derivatives are compounds in which the acidic hydrogen ions in glycine structure are replaced by other groups.

Glycine derivatives are used in industry, agriculture and medicine. It is an effective chelating agent for metal ions in industry; It is used as insecticide, herbicide and plant growth regulator in agriculture; The application of glycine derivatives in medicine is an active research field in recent years. For example, glycine derivatives can enhance the activity of thiamphenicol and Thiamphenicol β-  The drug effect of lactam antibiotics, the intermediate of synthetic antitumor drugs and so on.

Glycine Derivatives Lists

Glycine derivativesCASType
H-Gly-OH 56-40-6Amino acid derivatives
Bzl-Gly-OH·HCl7689-50-1Amino acid derivatives
Ac-Gly-OEt1906-82-7Amino acid derivatives
H-Gly-OBzl·HCl1738-68-7Amino acid derivatives
H-Gly-OBzl-TosOH1738-76-7Amino acid derivatives
H-Gly-OMe.HCl5680-79-5Amino acid derivatives
H-Gly-OtBu·HCl27532-96-3Amino acid derivatives
Fmoc-Gly-OH29022-11-5Fmoc amino acids
Fmoc-Gly-OPfp86060-85-7Fmoc amino acids
Boc-Gly-OH4530-20-5Boc amino acids
Boc-Gly-Ome31954-27-5Boc amino acids
Boc-Gly-NH235150-09-5Boc amino acids
Boc-Gly-ONp3655-05-8Boc amino acids
Z-Gly-OH1138-80-3Cbz amino acids
Fmoc-N-(Butyl)Gly-OH234442-58-1Amino acid derivatives
Fmoc-Gly-Gly-OH35665-38-4Amino acid derivatives
TFA-Gly-OH383-70-0Amino acid derivatives
Z-Gly-Pro-OSu38417-02-6Amino acid derivatives
Trt-Gly-OH5893-05-0Amino acid derivatives
α-Me-D-Gly(Allyl)-OH96886-56-5Unnatural amino acid