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2 kinds of cosmetic peptides for skin repair

Peptides used in cosmetics are of natural origin and biosynthesis. Naturally sourced peptides are very important for the function of human hormones and immune system. They each carry various vital activities of pheromone regulator cells. Artificially synthesized peptides are mostly linked to fatty acids. Because they are generally composed of several small molecules of amino acids, they easily penetrate the epidermis of the skin to reach the dermis and subcutaneous tissues. The skin repair peptides in the beauty peptides are peptides developed with genetic immune peptides as templates, which can effectively stimulate the proliferation and linkage of fibroblasts, collagen synthesis and cell migration.

1.Hexapeptide-10 CAS :146439-94-3

Hexapeptide-10 is composed of six amino acids, which has a very good effect on skin repair, especially for removing acne. Hexapeptide-10 can also fight against sagging skin and make the skin more elastic and firm.

2.Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-6  CAS :171263-26-6

Lipopeptide/palmitoyl hexapeptide/palmitoyl hexapeptide-12 has similar ability to inhibit neurotransmitters, block neuromuscular transmission, avoid excessive muscle contraction, prevent the formation of fine lines, and slow down muscle contraction. Relax muscles, reduce the occurrence of dynamic lines and eliminate fine lines.

Lipopeptide/palmitoyl hexapeptide-12 (Pal-VGVAPG) is a signal peptide belonging to the Matrikine series, especially related to repairing age-related skin damage. The hexapeptide VGVAPG fragment is repeated six times in the entire molecular structure of elastin, so it is called "spring fragment". Skin repair, used for anti-wrinkle and anti-aging .It used in cosmetics, as an anti-wrinkle ingredient, the effect is remarkable

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